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P84 filter bag

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P84 filter felt Material:
Fiber Composition: 100% P84 fiber
Scrim Composition: 100% PTFE spun-yarn scrim
Process Method: needle punched

Weight: P84 filter felt 450gsm, 500gsm, 550gsm
Finish Treatment:
Singed, calendered, heat set, water&oil repellent, blending conductive
The diameter of the filter bag: diameter 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm etc.
Any length is available. Special size is customize.
Filter bag process method: sewing or welded
P84 filter bags Advantages:
1. Fire resistant
2.High temperature resistant
3.Working temperature:240 degree
4.Max temperature: 260 degree
No melting point, yellow color
P84 fiber is with cross section structure (leaf shape), has large filtration area and excellent filtration performance.
Dust collector filter bag:
Since every filter has its own characteristics and parameters,
when we chose filter media for dust collector filter bag,
we have to know the following parameters: temperature, humid, dust diameter, gas chemical properties, dust abrasive, filter's mechanical parameters.
Generally, SFF dust collector bag filters are widely used in industrial waste gas filtration, useful dust, high temperature gas filters.
Shanghai filter bag factory provides you good solution according to dust characteristics, help you chose good filter material to achieve best filtering effective.

Applicable to the working condition with corrosive gas, such as chemical, metal smelting, waste incineration industries, cement kiln and coal-fired boiler