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Stainless steel bag filter
2016-06-23 13:40:43

Stainless steel bag filter is a professional liquid filtration equipment, it can effectively remove liquid particles of different sizes, so as to achieve liquid filtration, purification, separation, recycling purposes. Bag filters are mainly composed of three parts: the filter container, blue and filter bag support network. Use a bag filter filter liquid, liquid from the filter container side or below the inlet enters from the top of the bag support network into the blue bag, the bag due to the impact of the liquid surface and uniform pressure to start making liquid materials the entire surface of the filter bag to obtain a uniform distribution of liquid through the bag along the metal support mesh blue wall. By the filter at the bottom of the liquid discharge port. Filter out particulate impurities are trapped in the filter bag, the filtering is done. In order to maintain smooth and efficient filters and filtering accuracy and to ensure that the downstream liquid is not contaminated, should be shut down after running for some time, open the filter cover and bag with the retentate removed, replaced with a new bag. Replacement cycle as the case may be.
This company produces the bag filter is divided according to the size of the bag equipped with 1,2,3,4,5 bag filter. Divided by the number of filter bag containing a single bag, double bag and multi-bag; export orientation of liquid into the side into the bottom-up, side into the side and bottom entry and exit ceremony. Conditions required to have liquid filtration jacket, made of high quality stainless steel filter. If 304,316,3016 L and so on. Series stainless steel bag filter variety, value for money, the filter structure is reasonable, is an ideal substitute for imported products.
The bag and the user's interests range of applications
l oil and chemical
Oil filtration, oil / fuel additives; oil recovery; separated from benzene polymer; catalyst recovery; filter acid, alkaline liquid, solvent; clear carbon ink and aid; resin, acrylic and viscose emulsion filtration; clear water in the scale
l electrophoresis, painting, paints, enamels
Electrophoretic paint filter; ultrafiltration protection filter; spray water filtration; lacquer and paint filter; prior to use to remove suspended agglomerates; clear topcoat fibers; clear lacquer and enamel clot; solvent filtration; Clear milling filler; remove contaminated impurities in the storage; clear acrylic adhesive in the gel; clear resins and crystals; clear gum coating agglomerates; polymer melt filtration
l Food and Beverage
Clear beer filter aid and filtration; wine, whiskey and water chestnut oriented; clear cooking oil has been burning fat; made clear sugar craft carbon ink and aid; canned paint filters; corn syrup and soft drinks filtration; supplement / process water filtration
l E
Filtration of cooling water; remove deposits of zinc in zinc solution; remove impurities copper electrolytic bath stability;
Pure water pre-filtration
l Pharma
Recovery of expensive active ingredients; recovery catalyst; remove carbon; remove plasma proteins;
Filtering gelatin; filter hormone; filter chain vitamin mention; cough medicine Filtration
l Water
Recycling ion exchange resin; filter dust in the cooling system; clear water in the scale or calcium crystals; clear mineral impurities; filtered wastewater treatment chemicals; urban water filtration
l Metal Processing
Hydraulic oil filter; precious metals (aluminum, silver, platinum) recovery and removal of dirt; paint, coatings filtration
The interests of users
* Lower operating costs lower labor costs and energy consumption *
* Significantly reduced recovery of precious materials handling costs *
* To ensure product quality and stability * reduce the cost of shutdown
* Removal of solid or liquid impurities * Return collection process, solvent regeneration
* Filtration quality products * simple operation
* Increased productivity * reducing filtration costs