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Liquid filter bags
2013-07-13 10:30:00

Liquid filter bags:
Collar can have stainless steel ring mouth, the PP collar and PE plastic collar, including various bag at the end, the top of the bag design.
Liquid filter bags
Liquid filter bag has the following advantages:
1, the use of silicone oil to cool the high-speed industrial sewing machine production, not silicon oil pollution problems.
2, the bag suture improved the high protrusions cause side leakage stitch cause side leakage phenomenon.
The bag marked on the product specification label selection of easy-to-remove, and prevent the pollution of the bag in the use of labels and ink filtrate.
4, filtered and the accuracy range from 0.5 microns to 300 microns, the material is divided into polyester, polypropylene, nylon filter bag.
5, stainless steel and galvanized steel ring arc welding technology. Diameter error of only less than 0.5mm, the level of error is less than 0.2 mm, optional rims Country bag is installed in the device can improve the sealing ability, to reduce the probability of the occurrence of side leakage.
Liquid filter bag Product application:
Suitable for general industrial liquids such as electroplating E, D paint, ink, paint, food, chemicals, grain, oil and other chemical liquid; acid, alkali fiber mechanical strength, can be used repeatedly filter.
Air filter bags
Air filter bag is divided into air conditioning filter bag and dust bag.
Including air-conditioning system filter bags
Filter bag of the air conditioning system is mainly used for air dust particles in the air supply system filter, to achieve the requirements of clean production environment. Dust bags are used for the exhaust system of industrial exhaust gas treatment.
Air conditioning filter bags
The air-conditioning system filter bags:
Also known as the air-conditioning systems bag filters, depending on the efficiency level, divided into G3, G4 efficiency filter bags, F5, F6, F7, F8 in efficiency filter bags, F9 sub-high efficiency filter bag. According to the type of material, a glass fiber filter bags, synthetic fiber filter bag, non-woven filter bag.
Generally 21 mm thickness aluminum frame or galvanized frame, each bag preceded aluminum tank, followed by a metal ribs fixed filter strength, and to prevent the bag in a high wind speed, the friction due to wind shear force and rupture. Non-woven filter bags each bag were six spacers average bag width, to prevent the bag the wind pressure to over-expansion, shadowing each other, reducing the effective filtration area and efficiency. Ultrasonic Edge: using ultrasound by each side of the bag are fused, has good airtightness and bonding strength does not generate leak or rupture.
Product features: synthetic fiber filter bags, woven filter bags the super synthetic fibers into a special weave legal system to avoid the old-fashioned glass fiber material may cause discomfort. Filter containing the electrostatic fiber, which is particularly well-micron dust filtration efficiency, high dust holding capacity and high permeability, high life.
Air conditioning filter bag application:
Precision electronics industry, electronic factories, hospitals, laboratories, sterile rooms, sterile plant, defense plants, tobacco, air-conditioning systems clean rooms, commercial buildings, theaters, railway stations, airports, paint shop, schools, computer rooms, etc. ventilation environmental projects.
Dust bag:
The dust bag is matching bag filter bag, dust cloth made. In thermal power generation, iron and steel, and cement industry production process, it will generate a lot of dust, resulting in serious pollution of the atmosphere, so, the state of the atmospheric emissions of such enterprises has developed strict requirements, the dust bag is widely an ideal dust, dust bag (dust bag) is known as the heart of the baghouse dust effects play a very important role. Two important aspects that determine the quality of the dust bag is the quality of the dust cloth (dust material), such as high-temperature indicators, filtering accuracy, air permeability. On the other hand, are also important factors in the production process and the quality of the bag, poor union lead to leakage of powder from occurring. Dust bag in which the main pressure filter bag, filter bag, the high temperature of the glass fiber filter cloth (bags); polyester filter cloth (bags); F Gomez needle felt filter cloth (bags); microporous coating (PTFE) filter bags and other kinds of chemical fiber woven bag, non-woven fabric bag.
Dust filter bags
Dust bag Product Features:
With high strength, resistance to acid corrosion, wear, bending, easy cleaning, water and oil proof, anti-static characteristics.
Dust filter bag Product application:
Widely used in steel, cement, chemical, power plants, road construction, metallurgy, food processing.
Air filter bags
Performance characteristics
◆ filtration efficiency rating G4 to F8 to choose from
◆ the use of special low-resistance of high-throughput chemical fiber cloth as a filter, high dust holding capacity
◆ with galvanized frame, aluminum frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame
Application HBM chemical fiber bag air filter is mainly used for electronics, bio-pharmaceutical, machinery and instruments, and petrochemical and light industry in general air purification system
Edit this paragraph bonding technology
1, the hot-melt
I Acting Company filter bags using state-of-the-art hot melt bonding technology to ensure the filter bags have the best bonding strength, eliminate leakage.
2, sewing
I Acting Company of filter bags sewing extremely rigorous, solid and durable, the the sewn joint seal to maximize results. The pure car suture does not contain any silicone oil and other lubricants ingredients circumvent the ordinary the sewn bag in the presence of secondary pollution.
Edit this paragraph the reference standard
GB-T 12625-1990 baghouse filter and filter bag technical conditions GB 6719-86 baghouse Classification and specification representation
HCRJ 015-1998 baghouse filter bag
Edit this paragraph performance
1, good heat resistance, long-term use at 280 ° C or less
2, dust, easy to peel
3, good dimensional stability, the glass fiber itself does not shrink at standard temperature
4, engage in chemical etching, acid and alkali.
5, high filtration efficiency, up to 99.5%
6, texturized yarn filter cloth (bags), improve the filtration velocity and filtration efficiency, reduce the volume of dust removal equipment
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