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Introduce about filter bag
2013-07-13 10:30:00

The introduction of the filter bags
Filter bag for filter use many aspects, but also a lot of help, Therefore, filter bags, filter bag according to their own requirements for selection, a lot of time, lack of understanding of the performance of the filter bags, the last will be very easy to choose the wrong, the following are some common types of filter bags, as well as the relevant parameters and usage, user choose to use.
Many factors to consider aspects of the humid degrees, the particle size, wind speed, temperature, under normal circumstances is choice selection of filter bags. The use of different temperatures, different requirements for filter bags.
At room temperature class
1, anti-static polyester needle felt filter bag
2, polyester coated needle felt filter bag
3, water and oil proof polyester needle felt filter bag
4,208 Polyester woven bag
5, polyester felt filter bag
6,729 Polyester woven bag
7, polypropylene needle felt filter bag
8, DV air filter
9, breathable layer
10 easy cleaning polyester felt filter bag
Second, the high temperature class
1, F Gomez bag
2, glass fiber needle felt filter bag
P84 needle felt filter bag
4, the glass fiber woven fabric bag
5, fiberglass bulk yarn bag
6, polyester needle punched filter felt
7, the United States Tasman felt filter bag
PPS acid needle felt filter bag
Filter bags or pay attention to a lot of problems, optional depending on the temperature range to choose.