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Filter bag fabric treatment
2013-07-13 10:28:00

Filter bag fabric treatment.
1, burning pressure treatment
Burning pressure equipment, needle felt filter single-sided and double-sided treatment with ordinary singeing and calendering treatment incomparable advantages, both to improve the cleaning of the filter performance, but also to meet the fine dust collection.
2, anti-static treatment
Some dust in the specific concentration of the state, the case of the spark combustion occurs or the phenomenon of static electricity generated by friction.
Needle felt filter should be chosen by the anti-static treatment for explosive dust. Antistatic filter is the filter fibers mixed
Conductive fibers (including the binary conductive fibers, graphite filament conductive fiber and stainless steel conductive fibers) so that the entire filter material having conductive properties
3, water and oil repellency treatment
Needle felt filter using a fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnation treatment repellency processing, the wet dust-laden gas (in particular, water-absorbent, the deliquescence dust) of the surface of the bag easier to trap dust and to avoid and mitigate paste bag phenomenon.
4 easy cleaning treatment.
Patented technology to produce easy cleaning needle felt filter dense and breathable, has a good cleaning performance and can work long hours under high filtration velocity.
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