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Bag filter machine
2013-07-13 10:32:00

Filter bag machine types
The filter bag machine is to use a porous filter medium, the trapped liquid and solid particles in the mixture of solid particles, while the end of the solid liquid parting equipment. Vertical filter bag machine is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water disposal section.
Filter media container divided into upper and lower chamber constitutes a simple filter. The suspensions participate in the upper chamber, under the pressure effect of the filtrate through the filter medium into the inferior vena Be solid particles are trapped in the filter medium appearance residue (or cake).
The filter medium in the filtration process to look reservoir the residue layer gradually thickened the vertical filter bag along with increased resistance of the liquid through the filter residue layer, the filtration speed decreases. When the filter chamber filled residues or filtration rate is too small, the suspension of the filter, the eradication of residues, the regeneration of the filter media to the end of a filtration cycle.
The liquid through the residue layer and the filter medium is necessary to overcome resistance in the filter medium on both sides of the necessary pressure differential, This is the end of the filter the driving force. Increasing the pressure difference can accelerate filter, compression deformation of particles in a large pressure difference easily blocked filter media pore filter actually slows.
The suspension was filtered and the residue layer filtration, depth filtration and sieving three ways. Vertical filter bag machine residue layer filter in the beginning of filtration, constitute the initial residue layer thicker Thereafter, the residue layer filter from the primary effect, then, the small particles are trapped; depth filtration filter media suspension containing solid particles less, and the particles are smaller than the pores of the filter medium, the filter particles into the filter after adsorption pore; sieving is trapped by filtration of solid particles is greater than the porosity of the filter medium, the filter medium internal adsorption of solid particles filter options such as tumble sieve coarse impurities filtered sewage.
In practice the filtration process, the three approaches are often presented simultaneously or sequentially. The vertical filter bag machine disposal in order to depend on the filtration rate. Solid particles in suspension, when the particle size is uniform, the filter residue layer porosity is more clear, and the filtrate residue layer velocity. Use coagulant fine set of particles to form larger clumps, is conducive to the progress of the filtration rate.
Suspension on the settling velocity of the solid particles, the use of the upper feeding in the filter medium of the vertical filter bag machine, common to the filtration direction and the direction of gravity, primary sedimentation, coarse particles can be reduced by the blocking of the filter media and the residue layer; difficult to filter. suspensions (such as colloidal) mixed with coarse solid particles, such as diatomaceous earth, swollen perlite, residue layer can become loose; the filtrate viscosity, the suspension was heated to reduce the viscosity. These approaches can accelerate the filtration rate.
Filter bag machine to filter driving force is not the same, divided into gravity filter, vertical filter bag machine and pressure filter bag machine three categories. Gravity filter is by virtue the gravity and retardation of the suspension, the driving force of pressure exerted on the filter medium as a filter, typically for intermittent operation.
Vacuum filter bags constitute the driving force of the negative pressure as a filter at the filtrate outlet. Filter bag machine is divided into two kinds of intermittent operation and successive operations. Intermittent operation of the vacuum filter bag machine can be of various concentrations of the suspension was filtered, the successive operation of the vacuum filter bag machine is adapted to filter the thick suspension containing solid particles Multiple.
Pressurized filter applied in the suspension inlet pressure, or a mechanical pressing force applied by the wet material as the filter driver suitable for the needs of the filtration pressure difference larger suspension is also divided into two kinds of intermittent operation and consecutive operations .
Filter bag machine should be selected according to the concentration of the suspension, solid particle size, viscosity of the liquid and filter quality. Selection of several filter media using a filter funnel experiment measured the same filter media and filtration rate under the same pressure differential, the solids content of the filtrate, the residue layer has a thickness and a moisture content to identify a suitable filter, start Choice given filter bag machine type, and then selected based on the amount of disposal of filter area, and practice experimental verification.
The ongoing new filtration equipment: mechanical force press filtration equipment; end of the residue layer filter filter bag machine; washing coal sewage disposal, chemical and petroleum industries with large filtration equipment.
Vertical filter bag machine is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water disposal section.
Filter the theoretical discussions, the residue layer resistance and porosity estimates was filtered, the imitation and expanding of the filtration speed, filtration equipment, light liquid clarify the filter and the dynamic filter bag Mechanism and Seminar of the filter medium, are important subjects. Use the computer to control the filtering operation is to carry out the direction of filtration equipment.