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Air ratio for dust collector
2013-07-13 10:25:00

The precipitator and out of the duct wind speed design are suitable?
We design the dust out of the air tube into the duct general values ​​of 15 to 18m / s, out of the wind pipe is generally a value of 12 to 15 m / s, however, determined according to the actual wind speed in the duct This explains our design value higher than 12 m / s, want to explore and members of senior master, out of the wind pipe wind speed value is, it will not affect the air volume of the dust collector?
Mainly depends on the nature of the gas, and secondly to see flue material.
12m / s and no right or wrong.
Iron duct speed can be a little higher.
Refractory clay material duct velocity can not exceed 10m / s or there will be scraping the wall possible.
I would like to thank the friends reply! I mainly want to discuss of pipeline wind speed precipitator air volume, because the pipeline design does not directly affect the performance of the precipitator, and this is easily overlooked designers. We all know that the air-intake wind speed selected is too low, easily lead to the pipeline fouling, and increase the cost of the precipitator, the design of pipeline wind speed is too high, will increase the wear and tear of the pipe when the fan is not enough pressure head reach precipitator design air volume.
Actual wind speed is rarely greater than 12, which is determined by the nature of the smoke, as out of the duct even smaller. The take 15-18 should be small.
Calculation of wind pressure design larger make fan selection deviation. By adjusting the degree of opening of the throttle of imports rather than adjust the speed to change the fan performance curve.
Although different materials, take different wind speeds can check, but I think that still have to take the higher wind speed, is likely to result. Pipe fouling, a 18 m fan pressure head high, you can cost not much
The precipitator and out of duct wind speed based mainly on the nature of the flue gas and the pipe material.
Landlord say duct velocity design value of 12 to 15 m / s measured value is less than 12m / s
That you selected fan than the design value is too small or fan control door opening is inappropriate
Inlet pipe: the type of dust transport, the second is related to the angle of the duct, generally not less than 18m / s level into the wind
Duct: 12-15m / s
Inlet pipe in the practical application of the tube speed is generally 18-20m / s, out of the wind pipe in the 12-15m / s